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Providing Quality, Compassionate Care To Our Patients

Drs. Bloom, Girma, and Woods combine 60 years of physician experience serving their community in a level 1 trauma center that boasts the highest volumes in the DMV. While our careers in emergency medicine have exposed us to the most medically complex of patients, we have remained committed to providing quality, compassionate care to our patients in an increasingly chaotic environment. We recognize that the Pandemic only served to exacerbate a system that was increasingly failing the needs of those with mental health issues, even as levels of anxiety and depression have soared.

We believe our system has not kept pace with the increased demands that the population deserves. Depression is the third leading cause of disability worldwide. Even if successfully treated, an estimated 80% of patients will experience relapse in the immediate years following remission, and over 30% of patients experience treatment resistant depression. The FDA approved Ketamine as a general anesthetic in 1970, and in the early 2000’s studies were conducted to investigate the success of Ketamine as an antidepressant. Drs. Bloom, Girma, and Woods have used Ketamine in their daily emergency practice at much higher doses to achieve sedation for various procedures. We are well versed in the risk profile, side effects, and protocols to deliver Ketamine with minimal risk to our patients in the outpatient setting. Your safety is paramount to our practice; your optimized health and well-being is our goal.

Our Physicians

Dr. Amie Woods, MD
Bell Girma, MD
Dr. Beletshachew Girma, MD
Dr. Allyson G. Bloom
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